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Fed officials upgraded their assessment of the job

This month celebrates the National Hispanic Heritage Month between Sept 15 through to Oct 15

For more information about this event please visit this link

Fed officials upgraded their assessment of the job

Postby beautygirl » Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:47 am

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"We actually found that the association was twice as strong as we anticipated."Llewellyn said clinical trials are now needed to establish whether eating foods such as oily fish or taking vitamin D supplements can delay or even prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.Dementia is one of the greatest challenges of our time, with 44 million cases worldwide Nike Air VaporMax Womens , a number expected to triple by 2050 as a result of rapid population aging. A billion people worldwide are thought to have low vitamin D levels and many older adults may experience poorer health as a result.Vitamin D comes from three main sources: exposure of skin to sunlight, foods such as oily fish, and supplements. Older people's skin can be less efficient at converting sunlight into vitamin D, making them more likely to be deficient and reliant on other sources, the researchers said.Internet > Dark WebDNS And Why Is It ImportantPosted by thenewinternet02 in Internet on September 18th Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Womens , 2017Why did the US Government hand over DNSWhy did the US Government hand over DNS and why is it important?Many people do not understand the Internet past surfing Facebook and placing orders on Amazon. The hard truth is that America is loosing the knowledge that built the Internet because schools are forgetting to teach the basics to their students. Soon enough only hackers will have this foundation of knowledge and what a disaster that will be for the Internet. Did you know that DNS stands for Domain Name Protocol and the US Government has been overseeing it since the creation of the Internet until October 1st 2016. A “global multi-stakeholder community” will now be taking over according to the US Government.How does DNS work?It pairs the easy to remember web addresses like www.authenticatedreality – with their relevant IP addresses like which then allows the internet to route your data to the right servers. Without DNS the internet would stop working, unless you wanted to start typing out extremely long IP Addresses which are composed of a long string of random numbers. An example of the power ICANN now how is if you wanted to visit the popular site www.google but instead of routing you to the famous search page, you could be routed to a new company instead. This is a major issue and a lot of power to hand over to a private company. It could be even worse than just a simple reroute, just think about the recent DNS attacks last week. Major websites like Twitter, SoundCloud Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Moc Womens , Spotify and Shopify were disabled because of the DDOS attack on DNS. 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