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Unlike China, composed by the local swimmers

Unlike China, composed by the local swimmers

Postby beautygirl » Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:47 am

SHAOXING Dont'a Hightower Rush Jersey , China, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) -- Host China dominated the team free routine and free combination at the 10th FINA Synchronized Swimming World Trophy here on Sunday, claiming overall champion one more time by sweeping four golds out of five on offer.In the team free routine, China showed speed and power by performing the fighting Soldiers, composed by the Chinese musician. China finished top position with 91.8334 points while Italy executed their revised routine showed in Kazan World Championships, and came to silver in 91.1667. With the Nobunaga Concerto, Japan took the bronze medal in 86.5000."It was the routine that our national team performed in Kazan James White Rush Jersey , but we made some changes and added new elements. I am happy that our girls showed their best as most of them competing their first ever international event," said China coach Wang Fang.?Unlike China, composed by the local swimmers from Jiangsu province, Italy sent their national team and hope to gain more experience to qualify for Rio Olympic Games."We performed the routine that we did in Kazan, but it is revised edition since we made some changes, especially we had more difficulties now. I am very satisfied with our performance as well as the points. We got higher points than we did in Kazan. The points tell me the judges like our improvement and changes. Our goal is to qualify for the Rio Olympic Games," said Italy coach Roberta Farinelli. ?In the music of The Nutcracker composed by Tchaikovsky Peter Ilyitch Julian Edelman Rush Jersey ,China scored 89.6666 by enjoying the toys, dance and banquets. Russia snatched the silver in 86.8334, edging Japan third by 0.5001 point.After the two-day World Trophy, China snatched four golds out of five and collected a total of 363.3333, beating Russia 349.5000 and Ukraine 347.8335. ?Swimming stars from Australia, China, Czech Republic Tom Brady Rush Jersey , Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Slovakia Rob Gronkowski Rush Jersey , Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States are competing in the World Trophy.??Many couples first met on the job, are involved in family businesses, or find themselves considering working together on something they both love. One of the basics behind success in such ventures is whether they can make it past the hurdle of competing with each other.

First, some personal history. Probably due to very similar personalities, my wife Malcom Brown Jersey , Pam, and I have almost always been involved in some such joint venture. After marriage we became the volunteer caretakers at a church camp. Then we jointly enrolled in seminary. We were co-pastors for four years. I always like to say that our marriage "survived" those years.

Back then we didn't have the maturity to know what true cooperation and intimacy was. Whatever she could do I felt I had to do just as well or better. Whatever decision she made I would need to add my critique to. The "shop-talk" at home rarely was put aside. You can imagine what happened to the romance in our marriage!

We got smart at that point and took separate jobs and began separate training in our clinical disciplines. Then the opportunity to work together came around again. For the last ten years we've co-directed the Samaritan Counseling & Education Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

At first, I was worried the same old competition would occur. What a pleasant surprise to find that some level of maturity had set in! It was now clear to me that my wife is the perfect "out front" person with true qualities for group organization and leadership.

I was just fine being the "behind-the-scenes" clinician that sat in my office hour after hour seeing clients. She provided the flash and dazzle, while I was the steady presence cranking out therapy and caring for the staff. In other words, we each knew our respective strengths and were emotionally adjusted to being who we were. A few years had made a lot of difference!

And what about now, ten years later? We're still running the Center Joe Thuney Jersey , but we also have our own developing businesses on the side. I, of course, have this newsletter, and Pam always proof reads it for me (along with editorial comment!), and she has an equine therapy and education business that I support with many hands-on hours of harnessing horses, moving them from place to place, along with feeding and watering duties.

Competition Vs. Emotional Intimacy

Business together can be a wonderfully unifying couple activity. This is why multi-level-marketing companies always want to make the business a family affair. However Deatrich Wise Jr. Jersey , the whole enterprise can founder on the rock of competition.

Competition is fine in its place, such as with business competitors or on the sporting field. But it will kill the emotional intimacy between two lovers. Competition sets up a "win-lose" paradigm. Someone must lose in order for someone to win.

Emotional Intimacy requires vulnerability. If we are vulnerable, it is safe to share ourselves with the other. It is safe to be open with feelings, thoughts, dreams and asperations. Once we start to compete (any kind of argument or heated disagreement), it is no longer safe and our emotional life will shut down.

Most of us first came together because we wanted to be wanted. We wanted another person to want to know us deeply and to appreciate what they found. Unless we are careful, being in business together can kill the very thing that brought us together.

What I have found in my work with couples Devin McCourty Jersey , is that making decisions by consensus is what almost always works. Competition doesn't, consensus does. This means making decisions only when both partners can agree. It is inefficient and time consuming, but it is what works.

If you find yourself in ongoing competitive struggles, resolve to get help and to work it through. My experience with my wife suggests it is well worth it. Plus, I f. Cheap Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping   Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping   Cheap NFL Jerseys
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