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Saturday Night’s Alright For Commenting: 8/25/18

Saturday Night’s Alright For Commenting: 8/25/18

Postby zhangzk » Wed Nov 07, 2018 3:21 am

 Over the past 10 months or so Womens Kevin Johnson Jersey , I’ve been working, selling wine and beer to a bunch of very nice people.That has exposed me to something that is a scourge upon any society—craft beer. Depending on who you are or what your opinions are on alcohol, those two words may evoke an image of a handlebar mustache sporting, unicycle riding, platt shirt clad nerd pontificating (that was me at one point earlier this year) about the glory of this Oolong Tea IPA. Heck, that last paragraph was pretty stereotypical, and that’s what I’m curious about. There is a weird mystique that surrounds craft beer simply because of the people who drink it.I wonder just how many of you out there drink craft beer in any form (if so, what are you drinking, friend?).If you do indulge in craft beer Womens Nick Martin Jersey , why do you?If you don’t, why do you choose not to?Feel free to let loose in the comments with an answer to that question or anything else, Texans-related or not, as you enjoy your Saturday evening with us here at BRB.Houston Texans Sign Wide Receiver Isaac Whitney To Practice Squad During the NFL week, Tuesday night and Wednesday morning are typically when roster moves are made. Teams readjust from the prior week, update their depth chart, deal with injuries, bump players up and down the practice squad, or sign other guys. This week in preparation for staving off 0-3 and playing New York (G) Authentic J.J. Watt Jersey , the Texans signed Isaac Whitney to their practice squad. Whitney is a former Oakland Raiders wide receiver who is now hanging out in Houston. He wasn’t the only player Houston looked into. The Texans also brought in running backs Matthew Dayes and Jeremy McNichols, defensive end Anthony Lanier, and cornerbacks Herb Waters and D.J. White in for a workout, which is, of course, something Aaron Wilson reported last night. That’s it so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from the practice squad is released to make this move.There still isn’t any new injury news this week. We’ll re-post anything onJadeveon Clowney, Kevin Johnson, or anyone else who is bumped and bruised later this week. UPDATE:Here’s your corresponding move to allow Whitney to join the taxi squad.
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